3D Printing gives infinite freedom for turning your creativity and imagination in to a physical form. Let us delve in to the opportunities provided by 3D Printing.

Create intricate art forms and master pieces

With the endless array of possibilities provided by this advanced technology to the designer/ artist, we can create an almost infinite amount of different complex shapes. With the help of digital fabrication or 3d printing, all your effort in creating the first master piece need not be repeated, as you can save the virtual file for later use. Also, the piece can be created in parts, modified and updated.

3D Printing in Art & Craft

Preserve and restore artifacts and exclusive works

3D Printing in Art & Craft

3D Printing has profound applications in the fields of archaeology, artifact creation and restoration. 3D scanning allows sculptors and artists create the design mesh, which can be edited and corrected to preserve the perfect design data for future use or recreate the object. The modern artist will be able to reproduce work infinitely by using 3D printing rather than just make an exclusive “one of kind” piece.

Create custom molds for crafts

3D Printing lets you create one-off molds for low volume manufacturing and is perfect for low volume production. Get over the hassles and costs associated with traditional mold making. 3d printing allows complexity and countless iterations on the design. you can create custom molds, or use lost PLA casting or create silicon molds using 3d printed objects. Shrink tool development from months to a matter of days.

3D Printing in Art & Craft

Experience freedom in materials, sizes and quantities

3D Printing in Art & Craft

3D Printing gives you the power to choose, the choice of materials, sizes and production sizes. With the capability to create even single parts in low costs, and the virtually plan and create the structure in multiple parts, you have virtually no restriction on size of the mold or the end object.

Create unique action figures and toys

Customized unique designs and low volume productions are perfect use cases for 3D printing technology. With the rapid advancements in media, the end consumer is abreast of latest trends in no time. 3d printing lets you create the toys and action figures that reflect the choices in no time and at very low costs compared to traditional process.

3D Printing in Art & Craft